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Dear Friend,

You know those extra pounds you’re holding on to and can’t seem to get rid of them? Are they wearing out their welcome like family still sleeping on your couch long after the holidays are over?

Have you lost the confidence you used to have when you were younger? Remember when you could lay out at the beach or pool without any concerns of covering up the flab?

When you look in the mirror, do you say, “Hey, sexy! Looking great today!” Or is it more like, “Hey, how did that happen so fast? I didn’t used to be paunchy there, and these pants used to fit just fine.”

By the way, how many fitness programs have you started but never finished? You were able to follow the new plan for a few months, but then got a whiff of a Big Mac one afternoon, which forced you to return to your old eating and non-exercise habits and gain the weight back (and then some!)

You were frustrated with yourself, but that’s the way it goes, right? Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight...the same, old vicious cycle your entire life. “Here comes those hips or gut again!”

You don’t think there’s any way you could ever wake up every day, spring up out of bed with no aches & pains due to sitting all day the day before, and actually feel good for a change.

It can be confusing sorting through all of the health & fitness hype out there. Plus, it’s darned near impossible to get and stay motivated on your own!

If you can relate to these problems,
I have the solution…

My name is Hut Allred. Since 2002, my team and I at New Wave Fitness, Inc. have coached over 1800 clients to achieve dramatic health, fitness, and weight loss results—including dropping more than 63,000 pounds!

I believe a healthy lifestyle can be achieved by anyone—anywhere, at any time.

  • Sam Works Long Hours—Needed Stamina, Strength, and to Feel Good.

    Sam got a lot more from our program than he expected, especially after having a broken leg and hip replacement in the past! He is stronger, has better flexibility, has lost 20 lbs of body fat, is more toned, waist is smaller, chest & arms are bigger. Sam is experiencing his goal of living a long, happy, healthy life! *

    Sam, 67

  • Lucy Needed Results—Multiple Prescriptions, Messed-up Physiology, Poor Eating Habits & Late-Night Food Cravings.

    Lucy went from 256 lbs to 139 lbs on our program. Her doctor took her off medications, she has loads of energy, and still happily follows her meal plan every day with no more late-night food cravings! *

    Lucy, 46

Yes! Start My $1 Trial Today!

What Makes New Wave Fitness Online Health & Fitness Club (OHFC) Different from Any Other Fitness Program You’ve Ever Seen?

OHFC is NOT a “how-to” program. It is a comprehensive, one-on-one coaching SYSTEM that takes you through a complete health, fitness and nutrition program that you can leverage for the rest of your life.

The program is divided into four sections

Section 1: Start Here

Takes you back to a new beginning. You now have a clean slate. You don’t have to beat yourself up about all of the started-and-failed programs in your past. We will dig down deep into your heart, your seat of motivation, to find out WHY you want to get healthy, lose the weight, and eliminate chronic health issues with no turning back.

It is CRITICAL to get a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and “begin your program with the end goal in mind.”

We will spend time helping you tap into your REAL source of power—your inner drive. When you get in touch with your personal, strong, emotional “reasons WHY” your goals are important to you, nothing can hold you back. That’s where your entire program begins.

You will be empowered by learning all of the components for a successful health & fitness program.

Find out the answers to these questions

  • Did you know that there are five steps to achieving your health & fitness goals?

  • What is the secret to your success?

  • Why is supplementation critically important? What’s safe to take?

  • How does a road map relate to a fitness program?

  • Can you actually exercise and not feel sore afterward?

  • Is it possible to work out without getting injured?

  • How will you know for sure if you’re making progress?

  • What if you get off track? Will you simply fail like every other time you’ve tried a health & fitness program in the past?

Section 2: Training System

No, I’m not going to make you drop and give me 50 right away. That can be a goal that you will work toward in this section. But you do need to exercise your body in order to see results.

Did you know that resistance training is one of the KEYS to reversing type-2 diabetes? I’m going to show you how to do it.

“But I hate cardio!” Your heart is a muscle that will weaken with lack of use over time. Don’t you want a strong, healthy heart? It’s cardio, along with a clean diet, that can contribute to reversing heart disease.

Do you see where I’m going here? This section gives you all of the tools you will need for a fun, motivating, results-enhancing exercise program, including: A Weekly Schedule for Strength Training, Cardio Exercise and Flexibility…plus instructional Videos on how to do the moves!

Section 3: Solution Videos

Got a problem? We have the solution! My colleague Dan and I got together and shot a gazillion videos on common issues that can be solved by changing your habits or taking healthy supplements.

For example, did you know that magnesium is required for more than 300 different processes in your body? That’s one of the hundreds of facts you’ll learn by watching these videos. So if you don’t have enough magnesium, it’s causing major problems. Your body can’t function without the nutrients it needs.

Could any of these videos help you? These titles are just the tip of the iceberg…and as a member, you’ll get a new video every month on topics such as:

  • 11 Tips on Increasing Energy
    Bonus: The Top 6 Supplements for Natural Energy Production

  • 10 Tips for Successful Body Fat Loss
    Bonus: The Top 6 Supplements that Enhance Fat Loss

  • 12 Ways to Successfully Manage Stress
    Bonus: The Top 3 Health Issues Caused by Stress

Section 4: Coaching Group

Remember at the beginning of this letter, we talked about how you were able to follow a new plan for a few months, but then went back to your old eating and non-exercise habits and gained the weight back (and then some)?

Or how you were frustrated and mad at yourself…but that’s the way it goes, right? Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight…the same, old vicious cycle your entire life?

Did you have ongoing structure, knowledge, support and accountability?

The lack of this support system is one of the biggest reasons most programs FAIL. Well, at OHFC we aren’t setting you up to fail! We are going to be knocking on your door and offering help if we haven’t seen you around in a while. (In the club website, we mean…don’t worry, we won’t actually come to your house unless you hire one of our trainers.)

We have a community of support for whenever you need a question answered, or just plain need someone to give you that extra boost (a virtual kick on the backside) to KEEP GOING!!

No quitting this time. No gaining it all back, and then some. No going back to your old habits…that were literally killing you!

You’ve got this. We will be here to help you every step of the way.

When you make the decision to join OHFC today for just $67.00, you’ll get access to all of this, and more

(the entire program is valued at $1,700 PER MONTH!!)

  • TRAINING SYSTEM (Value $999/month)
    Step-by-step to go through at your own pace.

  • SOLUTION VIDEOS (Value $49/month)
    On everything from healthy nutrition to better sleeping habits!

  • KITCHEN MAKEOVER (Value $129)
    A clear set of guidelines for fast track success!

  • GROCERY SHOPPING (Value $39)
    Tips to dominate the grocery store like a boss!

  • EATING OUT GUIDE (Value $19)
    Learn how to have a social life and still stick to your plan.

  • CHEAT MEAL GUIDE (Value $19)
    Enjoy it every once in a while without feeling guilty!

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT (Value $499/month)
    Gain motivation, ask questions, or simply show off your progress.

    To make following your program for life that much easier.

    Never get bored with the same workouts or stale information!

    We give you the tools to build a healthier mindset.

How Your $1 Trial Works: New members get 29 days of access to OHFC. No commitments; cancel at any time. If you don't cancel before the trial ends, your paid membership of $47 per month will begin automatic billing every 30 days until you choose to cancel.

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That’s not all you’re going to get…

When you sign up for OHFC today, you’ll get premium access to membership upgrades, including:

Yes! Start My $1 Trial Today!

I Know What You May Be Thinking…

  • I’ve never been able to get a toned body - Are there parts of your body that are looking a lot more flabby than you'd like them to, or some spots where it seems gravity has more pull?

    OHFC Solution: We’ll teach you how to build a lean, toned physique and look better than you have in years... or, just tighten up the “mushy spots” that you really want to do something about!

  • I have too much joint pain - Creak, snap, pop, crack—and those noises aren't coming from your breakfast cereal; they're coming from your poor, sore joints, whether you're ascending stairs or sitting on a chair.

    OHFC Solution: With OHFC you’ll learn how to eliminate or reduce low-back, knee, and neck pain, so you don’t have to stop working out even if you’ve got old injuries that need some attention and TLC.

  • It’s so hard to stay motivated - Sure, it's so much easier to quit like most people do when you get discouraged or lose motivation than to keep up the fight and actually reach your goals this time.

    OHFC Solution: With OHFC you’ll learn how to ensure you NEVER hit a plateau or stop getting the health and fitness results you want through mixed routines and new monthly workouts!

"Don't Take Our Word For It..."

Make THE Decision That Will Change Your Life Forever

I’m going to ask you again, Do you want to finally lose those extra pounds, start feeling healthy, and love the body you see in the mirror? (Plus learn how to reverse chronic health issues like heart disease and diabetes?)

Look, you can try and figure this thing out on your own. You can spend years reading all of the books out there on nutrition and fitness. You can join a gym and try the approach of what I call “the blind leading the blind.”

Or you can shorten your learning curve dramatically by following the proven system my team and I have used to get consistent, predictable, RESULTS every single time.

I have been coaching people on this program since 2002.

I know what works. And I know what doesn’t...because as you’ve seen, I have been through this program personally and have achieved super buff, fitness god status! You can too.

I know why people succeed. And I know why they fail.

And I know how to help you stop wasting your time and start getting serious health & fitness, nutrition and weight loss results right now for only $67.00…

What Are You Waiting For?

Today, for only $67.00,

This can be the last program you start but never quit. Take your health & fitness to the highest level possible by utilizing world-class knowledge, expertise and guidance from gurus in their fields— so you can proactively get the most of out of every day for the rest of your life!

Yes! Start My $1 Trial Today!

DISCLAIMER: The results described in our testimonials may not be typical for everyone. Individual results may vary from person to person. New Wave Fitness' system is designed to be a challenging program to help you lose weight and stay fit. Our clients must follow our fitness and nutrition system as directed to see results.

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